Expanded Defintion of Micro Evolution

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Expanded Defintion of Micro Evolution

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:41 pm

Two dark haired parents have a blue eyed blonde haired baby....How did this happen? It happened because an existing scientific truth known as Micro Evolution took place. Every blade of grass, every bird, cat, dog, monkey, tree and human-being has what is known as alleles which are variant characteristic genes. These alleles manifest or are brought out during sexual reproduction and/or by other external forces such as a controlled experiment administered by a Scientist.  

Why is Micro Evolution Important? Its important because it does exist but it does not have the power or energy to produce species change. Though they rarely mention the word, to an Evolutionist, Micro Evolution or Limited Changes (Better Term) is the holy grail of their ideology. They believe billions of "Mutations" in the gene pool created brand new alleles and a the process known as "Natural Selection' preserve those new alleles....(Primate to Primate over millions of years until the Primate became a Human-Being)

The Problem with Evolutionary theory is that Micro Evolution or Small Changes (Definition of Micro) is that it can not drive such power to create a new species. Remember Micro Evolution occurs through human intervention (cross breeding, experiments,etc.) and via environmental pressures (radiation, climate change, etc.) These processes simply bring out changes that already exists in the genome.  If you are having trouble digesting Micro Evolution, look at it this way......You hit a combination of keys on your Computer Keyboard, your Computer performs a task, you did not know your PC could do this but the right keys were pushed by you (External Force). The Computer did not change into a car; it simply performed a task it was programmed to do when certain keys were pushed.

Historical Examples of Micro Evolution

1. During the 1800s experiments was conducted on sugar beets that contained about 6% Sugar (Genome of the Sugar Beet) Scientists began to manipulate the Sugar Beets and eventually they increased the Sugar content to 17% in 1878. The Sugar Beet did not transform or change into another vegetable; the Scientist simply tapped into existing alleles in the leaves and root of the beet and brought them out by selective breeding.

2. In 1910 Scientists in an attempt to prove Evolution began to experiment on fruit flies and since the 1950s they have increased their experiments with bacteria with no successful change...Yes, they got a Six Wing Fruit Fly but no species change

As you can see Micro Evolution does exist but it is not really Evolution. It is simply limited changes that occur within the programming of a species...color, size, width. length ,etc. but a frog is still a frog.


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